Durban artists collaborate on music project to uplift South Africans during lockdown

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Durban artists have collaborated to record a song entitled “We are the World”. The aim of the music project is to uplift South Africans during the lockdown period and to create awareness about coronavirus. The song is already making waves on various social networks.

These sounds of angelic voices are a product of a collaboration of Durban musicians known as 2Unique. The combination of voices is a product of an individual recording by each artist using smartphones at different locations. They opted for this mode of music recording to ensure that they adhere to lockdown regulations.

The group’s musical director, David Govender, says the purpose of the project is to give hope to members of the public and spread love during lockdown period.

“The idea was to create a message of hope and love to our fellow South Africans. We wanted to collaborate with all the artists within our circles in Durban and share a message of power and strength to the communities, as we stand together trying to inspire, to give a glimpse of hope, to someone during this lockdown or having a bad day or and feeling this whole lockdown at the moment and feeling worse, we just want to come together and inspire people and try to brighten someone’s life,” says Govender.

A member of the group, Leesa Gerald, says the final product is the work of artists from different music genres.

“The artists that are part of it are all really good artists and we just had to do our part. We recorded on a smartphone and we sent it to David and Stacy which is 2Unique being part of the project was very exciting and he just wanted to bring in artists from all different genres to come together to stand in unity and impact our country just to get people to know we are in this together,” says Gerald.

Meanwhile, Gerald has also urged South Africans to adhere to the lockdown regulations.

“Extra caution and taking care when I am in my place of work, to wash hands continuously and wearing of the mask and gloves. Sanitising and making sure proper steps are taken when I do leave my home and come back home. I am doing my part and I am sure that people out there are also doing their part. Because each of us takes responsibility to follow the rules and regulations.

“We are going to definitely bring this virus to an end but it all depends on each person has to take on the responsibility to actually make sure that they sanitize, make sure they are wearing the mask, make sure they have their gloves on and keeping the social distance when you go to the stores to get your daily essentials,” says Gerald.

The song is available on the music group’s Facebook page.