African National Congress (ANC) Deputy Secretary-General, Jessie Duarte, has urged her boss, Ace Magashule, to dissociate from people who want to sow divisions in the governing party.

She was speaking in an exclusive interview with SABC News on a wide range of issues. These included the ANC branded buses and taxis in support of Magashule and his leaked letters to provinces extending the scope of the NEC decision on the step-aside resolution.

Despite not being comfortable with what she calls the use of Magashule’s name to cause divisions in the ANC, Jessie Duarte says she has a cordial relationship with her boss decrying some miscommunication from Magashule’s office.

Duarte says she expects the ANC Secretary-General to tell people trying to divide the party not to do that in his name.

Duarte speaks to SABC about leaked audio, factions and Magashule:

Sympathetic to Magashule in his trying time, Duarte however warned that he can’t be responsible for the demise of the ANC.

Duarte has also defended her right to express herself in private ANC meetings.

This follows the leaking of an audio recording, where she expressed reservations about the judiciary particularly Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo’s handling of the commission on state capture.

She said all those instructed by NEC to step down in keeping with the step-aside resolution, will have to do that before the end of the month or face suspension.

Unpacking Jessie Duarte leaked audio comments with Samkele Maseko: