Police say all dockets relating to drug cases at the Sophiatown Police Station in Johannesburg have been escalated to the Provincial Investigation Unit with immediate effect amid ongoing protests from Westbury residents.

Locals are demanding action against drug dealers in their community. They’ve accused some officers of colluding with criminals.

Police say three officers at Sophiatown Police Station have subsequently been moved to different environments as a precautionary measure, pending the outcome of the internal investigation into their alleged corrupt behaviour.

“In response to the community’s allegations of police corruption and involvement in the protection of drug dealers, all dockets relating to especially drug cases have also been escalated to be Provincial Investigation Unit with immediate effect. Police want to encourage the community to exercise with responsibility their right to protest and consideration for non-protesters. They must demonstrate and express their concerns within the confines of the law,” says Gauteng Police spokesperson Mathapelo Peters .

The protests began on Friday after one person was killed.
Government is concerned about the presence of children within the protesting crowd.

Residents want increased police presence as the drug war in the area is out of control.

Police will stay in the area until the situation calms down.