Drug addict victims encouraged to seek help

Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.
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The Acting Coordinator of the South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA), Adrie Vermeulen says drug addiction is a severe problem affecting families.

A Western Cape man who killed his drug addict son will appear in the Mitchells Plain court on Friday.

The 62 year-old Sedick Abrahams admitted to stabbing his 28 year old son Clinton in the chest during a heated argument in January, over a plate of food.

The pensioner says his family had gone through hell with his son’s addiction over the past 13 years and that the act was in self-defence.

Vermeulen says what happened to Abrahams family is a tragic story.

“It shows us the desperation that parents go to, they don’t know where to turn to, where to seek help and it’s a sad story.”

Vermeulen says there is help available to help those who are victims of drugs abuse.

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