Drought stricken W Cape pushes to keep schools open

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The Western Cape government has moved into overdrive to ensure that schools remain open amid the biggest water crisis in the country.

The Province is experiencing its worst drought in a century and Day Zero, when pipes are expected to run dry, has been brought forward to April 12.

The provincial government says plans are being finalised at a number of meetings this week.

In the coming week, Premier Helen Zille will meet with the principals of all schools in the municipalities that draw water from the Western Cape Water Supply system.

These include the Cape Metro, Stellenbosch, Paarl and the West Coast.

High on the agenda will be detailed plans for securing water supply to schools and health facilities.

There are about 1 000 schools within this area of which about 400 have boreholes.

Zille says plans are being finalised for those schools that require additional support to secure their water supply.

Measures under consideration include additional water storage and the distribution of water to schools.