Drought affects Nkomazi farms

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Farmers at Nkomazi in the Mpumalanga Lowveld are worried about the harsh weather conditions around the country, with drought and summer heat affecting many areas.

Sugarcane, tobacco and vegetables farmers have been forced to invest in borehole machines for irrigation.

One of the projects that has been affected is Intama Kuphila Nkomazi youth primary co-operatives in Magogeni village which produces cabbage, butternut and green pepper.

Chairperson of the project, Collen Mxhobokazi says they have to find ways to sustain their crops.

He says during planting they must now have casual workers to remove weeds inside the field.

He says: “The issue of water is really challenging,  but we are surviving through a borehole we erected. But we are looking for another one.”