Scores of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) nationals were protesting at the entrance of the Sefako Makgatho presidential guesthouse in Pretoria ahead of President Joseph Kabila’s arrival at the venue on Sunday.

“Joseph Kabila is not a legitimate president. He is actually a criminal. Why is South Africa wasting money, rolling for him the red carpet. We won’t allow him to go inside. You will have to arrest us first,” one of the protesters told a police officer manning the main entrance.

As cars drove past into the highly secured venue, the protesters continually shouted via a loudhailer “Kabila you are not welcome here. You are a murderer”. While others chanted “Kabila must fall.”

President Jacob Zuma is hosting Kabila, who is on an official visit to South Africa.

The two presidents will attend the 10th session of the South Africa-DRC Bi-national Commission (BNC).

A statement issued by the presidency earlier said the BNC, which would be co-chaired by Zuma and Kabila, was aimed at further deepening bilateral and economic relations between the two countries.

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– By ANA