Doubling-rate of COVID-19 related deaths in SA is starting to slow down: Expert

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Senior Researcher at Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Ridhwaan Suliman says the doubling-rate of COVID-19 related deaths in South Africa is starting to slow down.

The doubling rate is the number of days it takes for COVID-19 deaths to double.

Suliman says the death rate is following the same trend as the doubling-rate of cornavirus cases which has also slowed down, reflecting a bend on the pandemic’s curve in South Africa.

However, he has warned that the rate of infections and deaths will take some time to show sustained declines.

Speaking to SABC News, Suliman says this is a positive sign:

“The doubling rate has slowed down to about every four weeks, that’s the doubling rate of COVID-19 cases so that is a positive sign.”

“The number of deaths are following the same trend as the number of cases. We starting to see a bit of a slowdown in terms of the doubling rate of deaths, its slowing down to about every three weeks now. Hopefully if it continues to follow the trend in cases this will hopefully continue to slow down as we go forward.”

In this video below shows COVID-19 in numbers and graphs:

Meanwhile the South Africa Health Department says the recorded number of infections in the country now stands at 511 485.

The death toll has climbed to 8 366 after 213 related deaths occurred overnight.

“25 from Eastern Cape, 40 from Gauteng, 31 from KwaZulu Natal, 43 from Western Cape, 51 from the Free State and 23 from Limpopo,” the Health Ministry says in a statement.

The country’s recovery rate remains at 68% with 347 227 South Africans having survived the disease.