United Domestic Workers of South Africa says they are ready to represent domestic workers who have been unfairly dismissed by their employers. Union leader, Pinky Mashiane, says they have been inundated with calls from workers who were fired following the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

Mashiane says they are waiting for the CCMA to resume after the lockdown so that they can take on cases.

“There are those who are also dismissed by their employers we are also waiting for the CCMA to resume after lockdown so we can take the cases of unfair dismissal to them.”

Statistics SA reported in February that year-on-year changes show that losses in employment for domestic workers were 43 000, in the third quarter of 2019. Business Insider reports that South African households employ approximately one million domestic workers.

Founder of domestic cleaning agency SweepSouth, Aisha Pandor, says she believes in social capitalism, involving building a profitable business without exploiting workers.

In the video below, Aisha Pandor outlines the struggles of domestic workers in South Africa.