Documents to back irregular spending not found: Treasury

Mogajane being interviewed at the SABC Parliament studio
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National Treasury Director General Dondo Mogajane has told Scopa that supporting documents were not found to back some incidents of irregular spending at Treasury.

Mogajane, together with various Treasury officials, appeared before Sopa in Parliament Wednesday night.

They were called back to Scopa to respond to a forensic report that found irregularities in the procurement of the Integrated Financial Management System project (IFMS).

Mogajane was grilled by Scopa members on how a department like Treasury could have missing supporting documents.

Mogajane says: “I was the first one to acknowledge in the Auditor General’s report when there was irregular spending this year of R760-million or something. The explanation that I gave in the committee recently was that yes there was a key memo that went missing and was only found after the audit.”

“We could not correct that because it’s irregular in that spending happened but there was no supporting documents.”