Minister of State Security Ayanda Dlodlo has spoken out on the fierce opposition she is getting within the State Security Agency (SSA) in her efforts to bring change in the running of the organisation.

According to a report in Sunday newspaper, people have made up claims that she was planning to assassinate certain people.

The Minister says there are seven Deputy-Directors general who are earning salaries, but not doing the work that people in that position should be doing.

Dlodlo says she is facing lies, gossip, and challenges to her authority in trying to restructure the SSA.

“When people resist leaving positions of acting, positions that they’re not entitled to, for me it raises red flags. I am inundated with messages and calls from members in the organisations who are saying when are you implementing what you had committed yourself to implement? What will they think of me as a Minister if I cannot be firm on stances and decisions that are taken in the organisation?” says Dlodlo.