Co-operative Governance Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has warned South Africans that if they do not comply with the nationwide lockdown regulations the country could revert back to Level-5 restrictions.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the lockdown regulations will be lowered from Level-5 to Level-4 on May 1.

Dlamini-Zuma says the rate of coronavirus infection will determine which level the country will move to.

“If we move down to Level-4 which we will do by Friday and we do not stick to the conditions to the restrictions to the public health conditions and the virus starts speeding up in terms of more people getting infected faster, then government will have no option but to move very swiftly back to Level-5. If we stick to all the things that need to be done all of us collectively then we may be able to hold on to Level-4 and eventually get to Level-3.”

Wearing of masks is mandatory 

Dlamini-Zuma says it is mandatory for all South Africans to use cloth masks when they leave their homes from the first of May.
She was addressing the media in Pretoria on the easing of lockdown regulations aimed at re-opening economic activities following the outbreak of COVID-19.
Minister Dlamini-Zuma says there will be no excuse for not wearing a mask.

“It’s going to be mandatory to use a cloth mask as you step out of your home going anywhere. We know that these masks may not be easily available for now, but if you don’t have a mask you can use a scarf to cover your nose and mouth, you can use your t-shirt. On the health website, they also tell you how to make your own mask at home, so nobody should say no I couldn’t get a mask, if you don’t have you put whatever you have, so nobody should have an excuse.”

The full media briefing is in the video below: