Divisions at AmaMpondo nation as two leaders introduced to lead

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AmaMpondo Royal Family endorsed and introduced the late King Zanozuko Sigcau’s son Prince Yolisa “Zweliyahlokoma” Sigcau as the king of the AmaMpondo nation. Prince Yolisa was announced at Imbizo held at Ndimakude Great Place outside Flagstaff in the Eastern Cape.

This comes after amaMpondo aseQaukeni announced the late King Mpondombini Sigcau’s daughter Princess Wezizwe Sigcau as the Queen of the amaMpondo nation.

AmaMpondo dance and sings to their traditional tunes. Prince Yolisa Sigcau was led to the kraal where he was introduced to his ancestors. He was later announced as the new King of the amaMpondo nation, taking a throne from his late father King Zanozuko Sigcau.

The Supreme Court of Appeal’s order to set aside the Nhlapo Commission’s findings on the stripping of the late King Mpondombini Sigcau’s kingship led to the emergence of two persons contesting the throne.

Ndimakude Great Place legal representative Advocate Matthew Mphahlwa elaborates.

“You would know that though King Zanozuko was cited in the court he is since deceased. Now rule 7 of the constitutional court permits that there ought to be a change of parties where one party dies, “he says.

“It is our instruction at this stage to substitute King Zanozuko who is diseased with his acting queen Nobandla and princess Ziyanda Sigcau which is the sister to continue with the challenge of the Supreme Court of Appeal judgment. We have informed the presidency and Cogta,” says Mphahlwa.

The late King Zanozuko’s faction says in terms of the AmaMpondo custom, a woman cannot ascend to the throne as the Queen of AmaMpondo. The family spokesperson Dr Ntsizakalo Ngalo says no woman will ever rule the AmaMpondo nation.

“There is no woman in the Pondo side that enters the kraal. It is not about undermining women and whatsoever, Our custom does not have that part whereby you can say the woman. That is why AmaMpondo made it a custom that will not have a king that is a woman,” said Ngalo.

Villagers are adamant that kingship will remain at Ndimakude Great Place in Flagstaff not in Qaukeni in Lusikisiki.

Zongezile Phohlolo says Kingship belongs here at Ndimakude and nothing is going to change.

“We are happy about the kingdom, but we are not feeling happy that there are people who want to take away kingship from Ndimakude. That will never happen under our watch,” he said.

Another villager Ntsikelelo Linyana says the AmaMpondo kingdom will never be taken away from Ndimakude great place.

“The fact that King Zanozuko is late does not mean that should be the need of kingdom from this house. The family is still here, people that were working close to the late king, so AmaMpondo kingdom belongs here and will never be taken away,” he said.

The AmaMpondo nation has Prince Yolisa Sigcau as the King and Princess Wezizwe Sigcau as the Queen. The division between the two AmaMpondo royal houses is widening, but both houses have called for calm and unity among the nation.