Disgruntled parents gather outside of Hoërskool Theresa Park school over admissions

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A group of disgruntled parents has gathered outside the main entrance of Hoërskool Theresa Park in Pretoria North. They’re insisting that the school admit their children for the Grade 8 academic year.

Many of the parents say they applied online last year and are still waiting for a response from the district office and school. They’ve accused the school of prioritizing admission for children living outside the school’s geographical area.

Concerned parent Lerato Radipape says, “I’m very much frustrated, so much frustrated because my child is sitting at home and doesn’t know which school she’s going to. Her peers are all going to private schools. Now, because I cannot afford a private school now I must suffer.”

“My child must be placed 12 kilometers away from home and I must suffer with transport. I must also worry about my child’s safety while there’s a school next to my home.”

“What’s the point of having to apply online if my child is still going to suffer in January? Let’s go back to queues which was the old system, so at least I know where my child is going come next year,” adds Radipape.

Nick Mokone who has been to a number of schools in the area in an attempt to secure a place for his son, says even at the district offices parents have been left frustrated.

“Very chaotic, we went there very early in the morning. The officials stood on the other side of the gate while we are on the other side of the crowds. All of us, we were shouting our concerns and everything and trying to solve them by saying go back to our nearest school where we stay. We not receiving any help. The pressure is put back at the schools.”

The Gauteng Department of Education is yet to place 1 400 pupils with online applications for Grade 1 and 8 for 2022: