A group disgruntled over the 350-rand social relief grant has picketed outside the SASSA offices in Pretoria. They are complaining about the application process which they say declines even those who qualify.

They are calling for the improvement of the system to ensure beneficiaries get paid without any delays. More than 3.7-million applications were declined for August. Those who’ve been declined have 30 days to appeal for consideration.

The grant, which will run until March next year, was reinstated in August.

Israel Nkuna is the co-ordinator of Pay the Grants movement.

“Our demand is about the criteria that SASSA is using, it’s declining a lot of people and saying they are registered with UIF. SASSA should stop this criterion. We need a basic income grant of 1500. The application process also takes longer. When I applied it took almost a year”

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