Discussions and trade-offs for the ANC’s top positions are still ongoing: Lesufi

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African National Congress Gauteng Chairperson, Panyaza Lesufi, says discussions and trade-offs for the ANC’s top positions are still ongoing.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ANC’s national conference at Nasrec in Johannesburg, Lesufi said provinces are still discussing where their alliances lie.

The final confirmation of nominations of the party’s top leaders is expected to take place later on Saturday.

Lesufi says no one should take anything for granted.

Ramaphosa cautions that divisions within the ANC are detrimental to the party

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa has cautioned party members that the divisions within the organisation are to the detriment of the party.

Ramaphosa addressed delegates at the party’s national conference in Nasrec in Johannesburg.

Ramaphosa was delivering the political report of the party after earlier being heckled by some delegates who broke out in song when former party President, Jacob Zuma entered the hall.

Zuma arrives at ANC’s 55th National Conference:

Ramaphosa says the disunity in the party is born out of competition for positions and resources.

“Our experience of recent years is that disunity does not arise from ideological, political or strategic differences among us but it arises from a contest over positions in the State and resources that are attached to them. We need to acknowledge that our efforts over the last five years, we are not as united, we are not as cohesive or effective as we should be. Our disunity continues at the expense of the support that we should get from the people of South Africa,” says Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa has urged delegates at the party’s national conference to forge ahead in rooting out corruption. He warned that there would be resistance to uprooting corruption within the party and government. Party members are expected to review some of their policy decisions and elect a new leadership.

“From the deliberations and the resolutions of this conference, we must ensure that we use the work of the State Capture Commission to consolidate and intensify the efforts against state capture and ensure that those responsible, whoever they are, wherever they are, that they should face the might of the law but we must also say that we know that there will be resistance but this must strengthen our resolve so that we can protect and advance the gains of our revolution,” Ramaphosa reiterated.