Director of BNP Capital Daniel Mahlangu will on Thursday give testimony at the State Capture Commission in Johannesburg.

BNP Capital was awarded an allegedly irregular tender by South African Airways (SAA) to source a R15 billion debt consolidation loan. On Wednesday the commission heard from former SAA CEO Siza Mzimela – who told the commission she was surprised when Dudu Myeni was appointed as board chair at SAA as she had the worst attendance record as one of the directors at SAA.

Mzimela says she eventually resigned due to frustrations regarding irregularities at the organisation and lack of support from her seniors. She says the board chair and the executive chair clearly had motives to interfere with procurement processes at SAA.

Mzimela said, “She would speak to the chair and speak to me as Group CEO and say I am sorry I have to run. Her main excuse was I had to run cause number one has called her into a meeting. (Zondo) sorry? She has to rush cause number one has called her into a meeting. (Zondo) Oh she used to say that? Yes to me. (Zondo) What was your understanding to whom she was talking about? I understood her to be speaking about the president at the time., which to me was aligned cause she was the chair of the foundation. So I assumed she was being called for that reason.”