Diepsloot residents hope 2024 elections will bring change

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Residents of the crime-ridden township of Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg, are hoping the 2024 National elections will bring change within the community especially a reduction in the high crime rate.

This was the sentiment of residents who made their way to voting stations this morning to register to vote.

Residents have held numerous protests against the escalating crime including murders.

The 2nd Quarter Crime Stats released on Friday shows that 10 more people were murdered in Diepsloot between July and September this year.

In recent years, Diepsloot has seen an increase in incidents of crime including murders resulting in the township being ranked as one of the dangerous areas in the country.

Voter Registration Weekend | Diepsloot residents gear up for Day 2

Residents say that criminality has increased so drastically that residents are being attacked and even killed on an almost daily basis.

They have blamed poor police visibility, as well as the influx of undocumented migrants into the community.

Concerned resident, Vincent Ndou, says residents are even afraid of walking on the streets at night, as they become easy targets for criminals.

“My wish now is that let’s hope that after this upcoming elections, the government that will be ruling by that time – maybe they will hear the cries of the people and that they add some forces. We need more amabarete, more TRT on the ground and more police vans.”

Residents are hoping that next year’s elections will result in a government that will formalise the informal settlements in the area.

Community leader, Scelo Shezi, says this is the only long term solution to reducing the high rate of crime in the sprawling township.

“Dealing with a number of issues in Diepsloot, you need to formalise the entire informal settlements and ensure that the project of lighting the informal settlements are continuing so that everybody has lights such as high mask flood lights will also assist if we have them in the informal settlement to fight crime. Police and EMS will have access to those areas if areas are formalised.”

Meanwhile, the last day of voter registration didn’t go without some drama.

Gauteng police spokesperson Mavela Masondo, says two men who were accused of committing crime were allegedly assaulted by the community.

Gauteng Police Spokesperson Mavela Masondo says, “The  two men could not speak, and an ambulance was called, and they were taken to the nearest medical care centre. Police have opened a case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm for investigation.”