‘Des van Rooyen reprimanded me for questioning Myeni’s SAA rescue plan’

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Former African National Congress (ANC) MP Dr Makhosi Khoza has told the State Capture Commission that then-chair of the Finance Standing Committee Des van Rooyen reprimanded her for questioning South African Airways (SAA) Chair Dudu Myeni in 2014 on the national carrier’s rescue plan.

Khoza was testifying at the State Capture Commission about her time as a member of the committee.

She said the bone of contention related to Myeni’s plan to replace all old white pilots with young black ones in 2014.

The former ANC MP says at a lunch engagement at which now Deputy Minister of Communications Pinky Kekana was also present, Van Rooyen called her to order.

“Des van Rooyen the chief of the committee then, asked me why did I do something that was counter revolutionary. Which was questioning the transformation that Comrade Dudu Myeni was putting forward and then I was told that I must never ever challenge comrades,” she adds.

Khoza has recalled to the commission how party MPs were told that they would be betraying the ANC should they support the opposition in a vote of no confidence in former President Jacob Zuma in April 2017.

“When you are in the armed struggle and you are a liberation movement, the culture that is there is that of secrecy. There is no accountability because you are trying to hide whatever information from the enemy and at that time it was apartheid,” says Khoza.

“Now we are in a democratic dispensation where we are supposed to account, where the constitution is calling for openness and transparency. But we cannot do that, we are forced to retain the culture of the armed struggle of the underground struggle,” she explains.

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