Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has endorsed the important message relayed by Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng that South Africans need to understand and implement the rights of all as enshrined in the Constitution.

Justice Mogoeng was delivering the 17th annual Mandela Lecture under the theme “Constitutionalism as an Instrument for Transformation” at University f Johannesburg’s Soweto campus in Johannesburg.

He called on officials to be held accountable by the public they serve and said the country’s democracy and constitutionalism rests on the independence, autonomy and ethical nature of three pillars, the judiciary, the parliament and the executive.

Zondo says the Chief Justice delivered an important message to the country.

“He talked about how we should take the constitution seriously that whatever is written there in the constitution we give effect to. For me that was very important and above all he said we as individuals must look at what we need to do and what we can do to contribute to making our society a better society.”

“He also said we must remember that the constitution on its own is not going to do anything. We’ve got to put action. We must decide what we need to do to make sure that this constitution works for us.”

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