Dept of Water and Sanitation working to alleviate drought

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The Department of Water and Sanitation says it is working with affected provinces, municipalities and the private sector to alleviate the impact of the drought in parts of the country.

It says it will take more than two weeks for the water it has released from the Wriggles Dam to reach the Amathole District Municipality in the Eastern Cape.

The current drought has affected Butterworth and surrounding areas in the municipality.

“The water from the Wriggles Dam is expected to take about two weeks for it to ultimately get to the water treatment plant around Kei bridge, which will then be able to treat the water and then avail it to the water tankers so that is still ongoing. We are still hoping that we can be able to get around that matter as quickly as possible. Unfortunately the boreholes that were drilled were not able to give the anticipated yield so they were not very helpful, that is why it has become more critical for the water from the Wriggles Dam to actually come through unless we receive the much anticipated rain,” says Sputnik Ratau, Department spokesperson.

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