Dept of Labour hopes for sweeping changes for UIF

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The Department of Labour says it hopes for sweeping changes for those who draw Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits when the amended act is signed into law.

As the unemployment rises, the department is also seeing more people apply for unemployment benefits.

The scourge of unemployment will be in full discussion at the much-anticipated Jobs Summit taking place on Thursday and Friday in Johannesburg.

As the preparations for the Jobs Summit get underway, those languishing in joblessness are less optimistic about the outcome of the summit. 34-year-old Nelisiwe Mabaso is one of them.

She has joined the queue of many unemployed people who visit the department of labour to draw out UIF benefits.

She has never worked permanently, casual work has been her experience since entering the world of work.

One of the proposals likely to be discussed at the Jobs Summit is boosting economic growth in order to create jobs.

Experts say the economy should be growing by at least 5% in order to create jobs.

Nelisiwe is not hopeful about this summit. And unfortunately for Nelisiwe her last employers did not even register her for UIF benefits.

This means her opportunity to be paid compensated is delayed as she has to fill in piles of paperwork to get her UIF compensation.


The country’s labour federations including COSATU, NACTU and FEDUSA are also expected to make input. However, SAFTU will not.

The union says it doesn’t believe the summit will do anything to reduce unemployment, alleviating of poverty and reduce inequality.