The deployment of Xiaomei Havard by the African National Congress (ANC) as a Member of Parliament (MP) has caused a huge outcry across the country.  In a leaked intelligence report, the ANC MP could allegedly be having double standards.

Havard is accused of sharing classified information about South Africa with the Chinese Communist Party. It’s not the first time Havard’s credibility has been called into question.

ATM Spokesperson Sibusiso Mncwabe says, “It’s high time that as a country we debate whether should we not reserve some of the important rights to the natives of this country only. Rights like holding a public office, someone who is in Parliament and any structure of the government is a privilege to very important information of the country and someone who’s not from this country or who has dual citizenship will always have loyalty to his or her mother country,” says¬† Mnwabe.

COPE has expressed huge concern over the leaked Intelligence Report suggesting that a Chinese member of Parliament, representing the ANC might be a spy for the Chinese Communist Party.

COPE spokesperson Dennis Bloem says this should have been avoided if the ANC was not focused on looting the state.

“The ANC is putting our country’s national security in danger. First, it was the Guptas who were given highly classified cabinet minutes from some of the ANC ministers, today it is this, an ANC Chinese member of Parliament who is a suspect from the Intelligence Services of our country,” says Bloem.

Pieter Groenewald of the FF Plus has called on government and the intelligence agencies in the country to investigate the reports thoroughly.

“The State Security Agency allegations against the ANC member of Parliament, the Chinese born madam are serious allegations and should be thoroughly investigated,” says Groenewald.

Parties react to claims that ANC MP Xiaomei Havard is spying for China: