The Department of Health has called on undocumented foreign nationals living in the country not to hesitate to visit vaccination sites. It has again urged them to get vaccinated in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19 infections.

This, as infection numbers start to rise once again due to the newly detected variant Omicron, which is said to be far more transmissible compared to previous variants.

In the video below, the Health Minister says there is no evidence that vaccines are ineffective against the new COVID-19 variant:

More than 3 000 cases were recorded on Saturday, with eight deaths. 80% of the new infections are in Gauteng.

“A system was put in place where the Health Department creates the ID number and then that with the environment where the vaccination is given that protects those people from other authorities that may wish to arrest them or get them in trouble because this a public health intervention. We are interested in vaccinating everybody so that system is in place but it is quite difficult to get to people who are undocumented,” says Nicholas Crisp, Director-General.

VIDEO: Dr Fundile Nyati on the Omicron variant: