Department of Environmental affairs calls for environmental cleanliness

Mosses Mabhida
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Department of Environmental affairs has called on all citizens to make it their responsibility to ensure environmental cleanliness. The Department together with Nedbank embarked on a cleaning campaign in areas which were affected by the recent storms in Durban.

The fierce storms destroyed homes, businesses and roads, causing damage estimated at more than one billion rand. In March President Cyril Ramaphosa launched the Good Green Deeds programme which is aimed at encouraging South Africans to be environmentally conscious. Departmental Director General Nosipho Ngcaba says she is happy that community members participate in the clean-up.

“We are not supposed to have the kinds of dirt and material that we find on the beach. We have seen polystyrene, syringes, plastic materials which are not good for the life at sea. Our fish species are impacted negatively by the non  or poor management of waste, but also the flooding. When we have heavy rains we have a lot of particles flowing through to our rivers and our storm water systems and then ending up at sea,” says Ngcaba.

Meanwhile, Nedbank’s Tobie Badenhorst has appealed to everyone to participate in an initiative to restore Durban’s coastline and beaches.

“When Moses Mabhida stadium was announced as the host venue for the 2019 Nedbank cup final we thought it’s a great way for us to come and alleviate and assist in some of the issues that were experienced following the floods that occurred end of April. It’s a great way for us to come and do clean up events, but ultimately it’s about creating awareness of a good cause. It’s a great way for us to get people involved so that they become brand ambassadors when they get back their communities. They can educate their people to say when you have used an item, put it in the bin, instead of letting it flow down the rivers and end up on the beaches,” says Badenhorst.