Denel says it lost more than 70 employees due to non-payment of salaries

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State Arms Manufacturer Denel says it has lost more than 70 employees in the technical division due to the non-payment of salaries. This comes as Denel is continuing to battle with liquidity challenges.

The Denel Board and Executive appeared before Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts.

The virtual briefing focussed on investigations by the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) into Denel and various financial challenges facing the arms manufacturer.

Denel CEO, William Hlakoane, says the non-payment of salaries has severely affected Denel.

“Due to this non-payment of salaries, we have seen an exodus of employees. Some of them in the business are taking us to court. Even those who have left the company are taking us to court. What is more concerning chair is that the most exit that we have experienced are mainly in the technical wheel, 25 artisans and about 23 engineers. So if you look at the figure we are talking at more than 71 people that had left in the technical space”

Denel employees plead for payment of salaries: