Democracy20 Elections Show looks at SA economy pre-1994

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Democracy20 Elections Show has looked at the strides made by South Africa’s economy in the country in the past two decades.

Chief Economist at Econometrix, Dr Azar Jammine says the most important change occurred after 1994. He says sanctions were abolished and finally South Africa was re-integrated into the global economy. Jammine says: “The country was able to benefit from the higher growth rate that we saw overseas.’

He says since 1994 there have been many challenges.

Jammine says: “The biggest challenge is one of ideology, on the one hand many would argue that South Africa has needed to run a market-oriented economy and critics would say that it has never really loosen-up sufficiently to generate the kind of the economic growth that many Neo-liberal’s would argue was required to get to 5, 6, 7% growth.”-Edited by Sthembiso Sithole.

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