Deloitte auditor Chetan Vaghela giving evidence at the State Capture Commission says the firm was suspicious of two payments made by Neotel to Gupta linked firm Homix.

Deloitte auditor says there were a number of auditing and accounting issues with the deal.

They then requested a meeting with both Neotel and Homix.

Vaghela says during one of their auditing reviews on Neotel they identified Homix as a new vendor that had a significant debit balance of R41 million.

“On the 27th of February 2015 an amount of R41 million was paid to Homix. These circumstances and the nature of the creditor made us very sceptical around this balance.”

“The reason is because it was new to the company; the vendor was not known and had never been discussed to us in our conversations with management. They were unusual.”

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