An auditor of auditing firm Deloitte will take the stand at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture on Tuesday to testify about Transnet.

Chetan Vaghela’s testimony will follow that of a number of former and current executives at the State owned entity.

Last week, Transnet Group Chief Information Officer Makano Mosidi told the commission that a memorandum signed by her, which recommended IT company T-systems as the preferred bidder for a R1.9-billion deal with Transnet, was signed under duress.

Reserve Bank Head of Financial Surveillance Shiwa Mazibuko told the commission that there are 64 cases pending of people who have contravened exchange control regulations that require action from law enforcement agencies.

Mazibuko says the 64 money laundering cases have neither been escalated for prosecution by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) nor received any attention from the police for the past five years.

He further told the commission that the Reserve Bank cannot curb money laundering without the help of law enforcement agencies.

Mazibuko last week testified on a list of transactions and payments made to Gupta linked company Homix Limited at the Commission.

He detailed how in a space of less than a year Homix received R650 million without producing any evidence of what work was being done.