‘Medupi Power Station’s design ‘flaws’ deliberate to cost taxpayers money’

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The South African taxpayer can expect to cough up more money before rolling blackouts becomes history.
According to the Minster of Electricity, Dr Kgosientso Ramogkopa, there were deliberate design flaws in the building of Medupi Power Station.

Ramokgopa pointed to the use of poor-quality products and cutting corners in the design and construction of the power plant.

The minister visited Medupi and Matimba power stations in Lephalale as part of his nationwide tour of the country’s power stations.
Ramokgopa put corruption and greed at the centre of the country’s unstable electricity supply.

According to Ramokgopa, money was looted in the building of two multi-billion rand power stations, Medupi in Limpopo and Kusile in Mpumalanga.
He says quality was compromised as poor material was used and poor designs effected to cut corners.

“There are significant design fault, of course. Both Medupi and Kusile the intention was to cut corners, (we’ve) been given us material of poor quality, six years into the life of very young plant your beginning to see this defects as you can see the country and the economy is paying heavy penalty for that.”

Unit 4 at Medupi power station has been out of commission since an explosion in August 2021.Ramokgopa says it will take billions of rand to repair the damage to the unit.

“With regard to Unit 4, it has gone off, August 2021. The worst scenario is that it would come back 2025. (The) best scenario is that May next year, because there is a lot of work that needs to be done.”

The power station, which is one of the four biggest coal powered stations in the world, has a total of six units, which are expected to supply over 4000 megawatts at completion.