Delft residents in Cape Town say the criminal justice has failed them

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Residents of Delft (north of Cape Town) say they are being failed by the police and criminal justice system.
The police’s third Quarter Crime Stats indicate that Delft is one of the areas with the highest number of sexual offences cases in the country.

The Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Development held a community Imbizo on Friday to engage the residents regarding the on-going fight against Gender-based violence and Femicide.

Residents are pleading with authorities to deal with the high crime rate.

“I see a lot of gang, drug, theft especially now the past few weeks with cable theft. It’s a lot, its child abuse, you hear child molesting and I think it’s just too much because I am bringing up three children and I have to protect my children from that. It’s difficult because you cannot keep your child 24/7 in the house.

“If your house gets broken into and you know who the culprits are they get arrested but tomorrow they are out but you do have witnesses. As the community of Delft we are feeling the police are failing us. Because, you work hard for your stuff and now you get home and your house has been broken into.”