Delegates vow to boycott Trump’s speech

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As the annual World Economic Forum enters its third day in Davos, Switzerland, the anti-Trump sentiments are gaining momentum.

The United States (US) president Donald Trump is expected to address the delegates at the closing event on Friday.

However, some delegates including from South Africa have vowed to boycott his address.

Donald Trump is expected to speak on the last day of the World Economic Forum in the snowy town of Davos.

It’s expected that he will speak about some good work that he’s doing for the American people of all races and class. But not everyone is happy with Trump’s presence here.

According to the former General Secretary of UNI Global Union Phillip Jennings, under Trump, US working class have been left poorer than they were due to his policies.

Local police had to deal with few incidents of protesters trying to enter restricted areas on Tuesday.

This after authorities denied protesters permission to demonstrate, citing heavy the snowfall that has covered the small town of Davos in the past few days.

Some of the South African delegates have also taken a stand to boycott Trump’s address.

For now authorities have stepped up security and many roads are under lock-down ahead of the Donald Trump’s arrival on Friday.