Delays in SABC Board appointment continue

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Media Monitoring Africa has described as devastating the Presidency’s failure to swiftly announce a new SABC Board. The Presidency was expected to announce a new SABC board on Monday night.

The past weekend marked exactly six months since the public broadcaster is without a sitting board.

The recent delay in appointing the new board was due to President Cyril Ramaphosa questioning the inclusion of three recommended candidates.

Media Monitoring Africa’s Director William Bird says, “We are devastated, quite honestly. We couldn’t possibly conceive that Parliament wouldn’t do its job to begin with, and they would take so long to begin the process. We couldn’t possibly believe that the President [Cyril Ramaphosa] could then delay the process further by months and months.”

Bird adds, “It is ridiculous. We had no option but to take the President to the Constitutional Court. The process is still going ahead. We are just hoping the Constitutional Court will treat this with the urgency that it so desperately needs.”

The video below is reporting more on the story: