N West community up in arms over water shortages

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Hundreds of desperate residents in the farming town of Delareyville in the North West are frustrated that they have been without water for a month.

Last month, they had taken to the streets to demand water. The problem has been attributed to contractors’ shoddy workmanship.

“After the protests we got water and now we wondered why there is no water when we had water for four days after the protest everything is collapsing. The complete water infrastructure is collapsing at this stage. Now behind me at the back is the reservoir. The one on the left hand side is built and there is not a drop of water in it” said an angry resident.

Local Government MEC, Fenny Gaolaolwe, says they have sent another contractor to resolve the problem.

“There was a service provider on site trying to install services in extension 8 in Tswaing local municipality but fortunately today the service provider is back on site the community is at least giving support to the service provider.”