Judgement in the murder trial against the former police officer, Nomia Ndlovu, has been reserved at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court.  

Judge Ramarumo Monama says the verdict will be read out at the same court next week Friday. 

Ndlovu, who remains in custody, stands accused of registering family members on insurance policies and masterminding their murder in order to cash in on policy payouts. 

‘State failed to prove Ndlovu is guilty’

The defense trial has concluded their closing arguments by telling the Palm Ridge Magistrate Court that the state has failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of the charges brought up against her. 

Ndlovu is, among other accusations, accused of fraudulently misrepresenting her relationship with her cousin, with whom she stayed, Madala Homu, as spouse when she took a policy in his name. It is the state’s case that Ndlovu did so to avoid having to pay premiums for Homu – an accusation Ndlovu denied during her cross-examination last month, stating the mistake had happened on the side of the insurance company.  

The defense was at pains to explain why Ndlovu should not be seen as someone who intentionally misrepresented the relationship for fraudulent purposes.  

Asked if the accused had made an amendment on the policy documents on realisation of the mistake, the defense responded “No, my lord!” 

“This was intentionally designed to defraud the insurance company and ensure the double payment,” says Judge Ramarumo Monama. 

The defense further argued, “If you lived with someone for three months, they could be considered a spouse.” To this, the judge asked the defense, “What do you understand of a spouse. Was the accused in a marriage relationship with her cousin?” 

“No, my lord!” 

High Court Judge Ramarumo Monama has told the defense, if Madala Homu was not in a marriage relationship with the cousin, Nomia Ndlovu, “then other people contracted with her on the wrong basis. Is that not so?” arguing that there was no basis to register cousin as a spouse. 

State requests guilty verdict

Earlier, the state concluded its closing argument by making a request to the court to find Ndlovu guilty on all charges. 

The charges and payouts

Ndlovu is accused of the murders of Witness Madala Homu who was murdered in March 2012, cashing in R131 000 from insurance policies; Audrey Ndlovu killed in 2013 – Ndlovu cashing in R717 000; her boyfriend Maurice Mabasa – cashing in R416 000; her niece Zanele Motha who died in June 2016 – cashing in R120 000; her nephew Mayeni Mashaba who died in 2017; as well as Mashego who was murdered in January 2018.   

She is also accused of conspiracy to commit the murder of her sister, Joyce Ndlovu and her five children.  

The police set up a sting operation which ultimately led to Ndlovu being caught on camera while allegedly detailing what she wanted to be done. 

Nomia Ndlovu murder trial Part 2: