Defense in Meyiwa Trial won’t oppose car tracking device evidence

Sipho Kekana
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The defense in the Senzo Meyiwa Murder Trial will no longer oppose the introduction of new evidence on the movements of a car transporting accused 2, Bongani Ntanzi on the 19th of June 2020. On Thursday, Mogane’s re-examination by the state was halted when the state introduced a document showing the movements of the Toyota Fortuner that was driven by Mogane on the day. 

The defense opposed the introduction of the document by the state, saying it was new evidence and that its acceptance would deny them an opportunity to cross-examine the witness on. 

The state told the court they were only bringing this up because of the defense’s version that Mogane had stopped at several locations including the filling station in Alberton, Germiston at a dumping site and the Chris Baragwanath Hospital as well as Orlando in Soweto where the suspect was tortured into signing confession statement.  

Mogane denied the allegations, insisting Ntanzi had never been subjected to any torture or coercion, and that he had willingly confessed to the crime. 

The prosecution’s Advocate George Baloyi says the information could help clear any confusion about the various stops the defense has claimed Mogane and other police officers made as the torture on Ntanzi continued.  

However, it is understood that when proceedings commence this morning, the state will continue with Mogane’s re-examination without any opposition from the defense and a new witness will then take the stand. 

During re-examination, Mogane told the court that the car he was transporting the accused in was fitted with a tracking device. 

Mogane: Yes, we call it AVL? 

Baloyi: Meaning? 

Mogane: Automatic Vehicle Location 

Baloyi: And what purpose does it serve? 

Mogane: It is able to protect us and to also show where we are driving when we carry out our duties. And to also show if the vehicle is stolen, we are able to show through this AVL 

Baloyi: It was said that you took a detour and entered a filling station where the accused was assaulted. So, if the was a detour, would the AVL show that? 

Mogane: Yes, it would. 

A new witness, an officer who was involved in the arrest of accused 1, Muzi Sibiya, is expected to take the stand after Mogane’s re-examination. 

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