Defending champions Italy prepare for Euro 2024

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Defending champions Italy held a public training session with cheering fans on Tuesday in their base camp in Iserlohn, Germany ahead of Euro 2024.

One German-born Italian fan expressed her joy at having the Italian team stay in her home village even though she was unable to see the public training, while another said that he hoped Italy would win their first game.

“It’s indescribable. You can’t really describe it. To even have this opportunity here in our village, which is such a small village, that the Italian team has decided in our favour and then that we have the opportunity to be here at all. Sure, we didn’t get in (to see the training), but it doesn’t matter, we’re here, we can see the Italian team, we have everything around us and that’s our pride, of course,” said Lilli Lombardo.

Unlike last time when Italy strolled through their qualification group for Euro 2020 with 10 wins out of 10, this time around their participation was at risk until the final game.

Italy’s struggles in qualification placed them as bottom seeds in the draw, and they ended up in Group B alongside Spain, Croatia and Albania.

Italy face Albania in their opener on Saturday 15 June.