The defence is expected to conclude closing arguments on Wednesday in the trial of triple murder accused, Henri van Breda in the Cape High Court.

The defence submits that Van Breda should be acquitted on all charges against him as the State has not proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

Van Breda is accused of the murder of his parents and brother and the attempted murder of his teenaged sister Marli with an axe.

The murders took place at the De Zalze Estate in Stellenbosch three years ago.

Advocate Piet Botha told the court that certain evidence presented by the State was of such poor quality that it cannot be relied upon.

“If one has regard to all the evidence, if one does not speculate, if one has to be aware that this is a criminal matter, the onus is on the State and not on the accused, not at all. When one draws inferences, be aware that it must be consistent with the facts. It must be the only reasonable inference to be drawn that we will submit and I will show it in these heads of arguments to your Lordship and learned assessor then the conclusion cannot be that the state proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

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