‘Decolonised Education has become a politicised concept’

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Respected educator and professor of Education at Stellenbosch University Jonathan Jansen says the concept of decolonised education is set to fizzle out with time.

Jansen says this is because the concept has become heavily politicised.

Jansen was the guest speaker at seminar held in Cape Town Thursday night, discussing the concept of Decolonised Education.

“But I tell you now in 10 years’ time there will be nobody who will be talking about decolonisation, it came out of nowhere you know, it doesn’t mean we don’t have problems with legacies of colonial rule, these are political terms that come and go, remember when we spoke about outcomes based education and everybody thought it was a solution to everything, so there’ll be another term, another set of ideas, and these things  come and go and the main reason they don’t stick is because they are very often imbued with so much political energy that nobody really has the time to debate.


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