Decision to call off search for missing fishermen premature: FAWU

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The Food and Allied Workers Union, FAWU, says a decision to call off the search for eleven missing fishermen was taken prematurely.

FAWU Provincial Secretary, Zolani Mbanjwa says the union is concerned with the safety conditions of workers in the fishing industry.

The trawler went down off Cape Town a few days ago and is reportedly located about 350 meters below the surface, making it impossible for divers to retrieve the 11 bodies believed to be in the vessel.

“For us to find comfort, to find solace, to find closure, you need to know where are the bones of your son – where are the bones of your husband – where is the grave? So that you can be able to identify where is the grave of my husband so that you will be able now to find solace and peace – that is why we are saying the search was called off too soon.”

Western Cape Minister of Fisheries, Barbara Creecy met with the families of the fishermen who were on the fishing boat.

Cape Town | Barbara Creecy visits families of 11 missing fisherman: