“De Ruyter didn’t bring new info on alleged corruption at Eskom”

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The Chairperson of Eskom’s board, Mpho Makwana, says former Group CEO Andre de Ruyter presented information about corruption at utility as brand new, when it was already in the public domain.

Makwana and other members of the board are appearing before Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts in an effort to shed light on the allegations of fraud, corruption and criminal cartels.

De Ruyter made the allegations in a TV interview in February. At the time, he had given notice to leave the company at the end of March.

Makwana says following a board meeting after the interview, a decision was made to release De Ruyter because he had brought the utility into disrepute.

“When the board said the then GCEO had brought the company into disrepute, it’s because a good number of allegations had misled the public as if they were new developments, shared with board, also misled public that no action taken internally and all concerned.”