De Lille says aim of GOOD party is to dismantle apartheid legacy

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GOOD party leader, Patricia de Lille says the aim of the party will be to dismantle the legacy of apartheid.

She was speaking in Johannesburg at the launch of the party’s manifesto where she outlined its plans and revealed the party’s mayoral candidates.

In the 2019 national elections, the party obtained about 70 000 votes.

The party now hopes to achieve 25% of the votes in the local government elections.

De Lille says in dismantling the legacy of the apartheid regime, they will address housing and transport challenges, ensuring that services are closer to the people who need them.

“We will fix South Africa only when we achieve spatial justice, social justice, economic justice and environmental justice. It demands to breaking down the apartheid spatial planning and we all know that people of colour were put far away from cities and an indictment to us in our new democracy today is that 27 years after our democracy, people still live far away from work opportunities,” she adds.

2021 LGE | GOOD party launches its election manifesto in Sandton:

Meanwhile, former Springbok coach, Peter de Villiers has been announced as mayoral candidate for the GOOD party in the Drakenstein local municipality in the Western Cape.

The party says the former coach understands the struggle of people of colour.

GOOD Chairperson Sam Shabane says, “He also understands the cycle of poverty and the difficulties people of colour face when they break free of their historical cast. He has eaten at some of the poorest tables in Paarl and has also seen many people in the poorest states.”