De Lille vows to pursue cases against those who have smeared her name

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GOOD party leader, Patricia de Lille, says she will continue to pursue cases against those who she believes have publicly smeared her name.

This after the Electoral Court set aside the Electoral Commission’s decisions in a telemarketing case between the DA and De Lille.

The case was brought after De Lille complained to the commission about the DA’s telemarketing election campaigning – alleging the script that call-centre personnel used stated that she had been fired and was guilty of wrongdoing.

Electoral Court Judge, Willem Wepener, has now found that the commission had neither the powers nor authority to make the findings it did.

He also found that the DA’s statement about De Lille was free speech and did not impact on the mechanics or conduct of the election.

De Lille, however, still maintains the DA’s utterances about her were false.

“The DA took the finding of the IEC on review and the court found that the IEC didn’t have the powers to make that finding. What the DA says about me is wrong, false and lies and the court recognised that I have the right to pursue the DA in other courts – and like I’ve done in the past, where people have smeared my name in public and lied about me, I have pursued it through the courts. I have already sued 4 DA MPs and I will continue to sue those who are smearing my name in public.”

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