De Lille says South Africans seeking solutions to economic woes

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GOOD Party leader Patricia de Lille says her party believes that South Africans are urgently seeking practical solutions to the country’s economic woes and that’s exactly what her party is promising.

De Lille says it’s crucial to engage directly with the people at community level to understand their grievances. She’s been speaking during an SAfm election debate in the Northern Cape, ahead of the country’s elections on May 29.

De Lille says, “We don’t belong to that choir that says nothing has changed in our country for the past 30 years because it’s a lie. But we do believe we could have done much better in the past 30 years. People can’t talk to a poster, they come here like I have done and the GOOD Party where we are engaging directly with our people. Our manifesto is to rebalance society, it’s not fuss, no empty promises just solutions and implementation.”

GOOD Party leader Patricia de Lille presents manifesto: