Cape Town Mayor, Patricia De Lille says she has written to law firm Bowman and Gilffillan to correct a few points which she believes are factually incorrect.

The preliminary findings by the law firm have lifted the lid on maladministration and corruption in the City of Cape Town, implicating De Lille and other senior officials.

The preliminary findings have not been made public but SABC has it on good authority that it uncovers maladministration running into millions of rand.

De Lille has rubbished the report and has requested that the law firm to correct the alleged factual inaccuracies. She claims they have refused to do it.

“They refused to do that on the 3rd of January. They advised me to take my concerns to council. I did take it to council. They had the findings on green and my submissions on white. Therefore, I am entitled to talk about it. On Wednesday, I have wrote to them and said if they do not correct that I will have no choice but to take the matter on review,” says De Lille.

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