De Lille is behaving like Zuma: Maimane

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Democratic Alliance Federal leader Mmusi Maimane says the DA’s clause on removing office bearers has nothing to do with embattled Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille.

Maimane’s comments come after the DA’s congress resolved to amend Section of their constitution. The Amendment resolves that that Federal Council of the party can remove the President, a mayor, or any other member appointed to any position in Government.

In a heated debate at the party’s Federal Congress on Sunday, a decision was made that should a deployee of the party be seen to have contravened or failed to implement party policy, that person can be removed.

Shortly after the pronouncement by the party, the Cape Town Mayor took to twitter slamming the decision by the Congress.

De Lille went as far as saying, “changing their own Federal Constitution through the newly passed “De Lille Clause” shows just how far they are willing to go to avoid their own due process.”

The embattled Cape Town Mayor referred to this amendment by the party as merely another “ploy” to get rid of her.

“It is no secret that there are individuals in the DA who have been trying to get rid of me at any cost for the last few months. They’ve shown that they would flout their own processes and ignore their own values of ‘Freedom, Fairness & Opportunity’ to remove me.”

Responding to these allegations Maimane said the decision to amend this section of the Party’s constitution is not because of De Lille, but rather De Lille highlighted a problem that the party had to rectify through amending their constitution.

Maimane further adds that the party has tried to meditate in the tensions the best way they could. “We’ve offered Mme Patricia de Lille the place to contest and debate and appear. Instead she has raised all sorts of points – abit like another President who was already in court.

Maimane maintains that amending the section of the DA’s constitution is not a way to get rid of the Cape Town mayor as she suggests.

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