De Lille to approach lawyers regarding stripping of powers

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Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille says she will be approaching her lawyers regarding a decision by the DA Federal Executive to strip her of her powers of dealing with any drought issues.

This is currently the biggest project in the City as the province experiences the worst drought in a century. The Executive announced on Sunday that she would not be removed as Mayor while she is being investigated by the party’s s federal legal commission on four charges, including bringing the party into disrepute.

De Lille says, “When we reconstituted council in August 2016, we adopted the executive mayoral system and that is governed by legislation  and the law and  I will have to look at that and seek legal advice and advice the leadership of the DA whether that can be done.”

Meanwhile, the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) says it cannot support a motion to remove Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille until all the correct processes have been followed. The DA Federal Executive has resolved to retain De Lille as Mayor for now.

It has however charged her on four counts, including bringing the party into disrepute. The Federal Executive has also handed over the matter to the Federal Legal Commission. The ACDP’s Grant Haskins says the party won’t be drawn into internal matters.

He says, “The ACDP is pleased to note the DA’s announcement that it is referring all City allegations back to the City for the conclusion of its own investigations. In that regard we have spoken out last week and said that no action should be taken out against the Mayor in that capacity until allegations against her have been finalised and there’s facts and proof to the allegations. So we will not be supporting any notion of no confidence that may be brought against the mayor in the January council meeting.”