Former President FW de Klerk has blamed government for ignoring the policy of non-racialism and for threatening minority cultures and languages such as Afrikaans.

De Klerk was addressing the Cape Town Press Club on the current state of the nation.

De Klerk lambasted political parties which he says are openly preaching racial stereotypes in total violation of the law and constitution. He warns that minority languages such as Afrikaans are likely to disappear at higher institutions of learning as the government is enforcing English as the only language of teaching.

“The right to education at public institutions in the language of choice is under enormous pressure.”

Commenting on the proceedings of the Commission on Inquiry into State Capture, De Klerk says its greatest test will be whether there will be consequences for those mentioned in State Capture.

He denies involvement in the Bosasa case after his name was allegedly leaked. “The first time I hear about Bosasa was fairly recently. I don’t know of any dealings or any contact between me and Bosasa whatsoever. So I don’t have the faintest idea where this comes from and I’m awaiting information in that regard.”

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