De Klerk Foundation’s apology not sincere: EFF

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has described as meaningless former president FW de Klerk Foundation’s apology. The Foundation on Monday withdrew its statement that apartheid was not a crime against humanity.

Below is FW de Klerk Foundation’s apology on his utterances about the apartheid system: 

The EFF demanded on Thursday last week that De Klerk should leave Parliament where he was attending the State of the Nation Address.

In the video below EFF leader Julius Malema refers to De Klerk as a murderer: 

The EFF says the statement is not sincere. “As the EFF we reject the apology as one that lacks sincerity and relevance, as the individual who was the source of these hateful views remains unrepentant on his comments and avoids accountability by using a Foundation which bears his name,” says the EFF in a statement.

The party also labelled as false De Klerk telling former President Thabo Mbeki that he was not aware that the United Nations declared apartheid a crime against humanity.

“That he lied to former President Thabo Mbeki and faked ignorance of the UN declaration on apartheid is a sign of mockery by a man who has justified his views and refuses to accept his role in the deepening of colonialism and anti-black racism in this country,” the statement outlines.

Mbeki talks about his engagement with De Klerk following his comments on apartheid: 


 EFF’s response to FW de Klerk Foundation’s apology: 

The red berets’ former national chairperson, Dali Mpofu is leading a campaign to have De Klerk stripped of his Nobel Prize.

“By making these provocative statements De Klerk is actually perpetrating violence because apartheid is nothing but brutality and violence, so if you support apartheid you are supporting violence, so how can the same man, on the one hand, be perpetrating violence and then, on the other hand, be holding the Nobel Peace Prize? It’s a contradiction if he wants to propagate apartheid fine let him do it but he mustn’t do it as a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.”

 EFF’s Dali Mpofu provides reasons why De Klerk’s Nobel Peace Prize should be revoked: