De Klerk Foundation statement deliberate attempt to incite racial hatred: ANC

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The ANC has condemned the statement issued by the foundation of former deputy president F.W. De Klerk, as a clear and deliberate attempt to incite racial hatred in the country. In a statement, the De Klerk Foundation claims that the United Nation’s classification of apartheid as a crime against humanity formed part of an agenda by the Soviet Union and the ANC along with its allies to stigmatise white South Africans.

The statement also sought to justify and reason as to why apartheid was not a crime against humanity. This follows similar remarks made by the De Klerk during a television interview.

Read the De Klerk Foundation statement on apartheid not being a crime against humanity below: 

ANC spoksperson Pule Mabe says the statement is a blatant white wash.

“The ANC condemns the statement as a blatant white wash 25 years into our democracy, which denies that apartheid was a crime against humanity, which flies in the face of our commitment to reconciliation and nation building. The ANC calls on De Klerk and his foundation not to undermine the compact that forms the foundation of our democracy which is that we deal with the past through institutional mechanisms and the rule of law. The UN in 1973 correctly declared it a crime against humanity, defined it as inhumane acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of person over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them. We are all asking Mr De Klerk if apartheid was anything else than this definition by the entire world.”

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